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Agatha Christie Dahabiya Boat

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Every Saturday from Luxor & Aswan

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Agatha Christie is an upscale luxurious Dahabiya where you could live a unique stylish sailing experience up and down the great spectacular Nile River. We have selected a range of amazing Nile Cruises allowing you an opportunity to explore Egypt’s timeless river on Agatha Christie Dahabiya. Combined with a fabulous package of excursions, a Nile Cruise will allow you to explore the banks of the river and visit ancient monuments. With fine Elegant Dinning & Lounge, seating up to guests for lunch or dinner, private Egyptian atmosphere, wooden interior decoration and dimmed light and menus will star top-quality cuisine & international delicacies as well as Egyptian style. Booking Agatha Christie Nile Cruise holidays have become tremendously popular way of visiting the spectacular sites of Ancient Egypt in style.

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Per person per night
Every Saturday from Luxor & Aswan
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The rates are quoted per person, in double standard cabin, per night, for minimum three nights cruise – including private tours.


The High Dam – Temple of Philae – The Unfinished Obelisk – Temple of Kom Ombo – Temple of Horus in Edfu – Valley of the Kings – Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari – Colossi of Memnon – The Karnak Temples Complex – Temple of Luxor

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DAY 01

-Embarkation on board before lunch
-Visit the Karnak temple
-Back on board – sail to Esna and overnight (Approx. 5 hrs. sailing)

DAY 02

-Early sailing to el kab (north Edfu) (Approx. 7 hrs. sailing)
-Breakfast while sailing via El Hegaz island
-Visit el kab tombs-back on board
-Sail to El Ramady via Edfu & overnight (Approx. 7 hrs. sailing)

DAY 03

-Breakfast while sailing to El Selsela mountain. (Approx. 6 hrs. sailing)
-Visit El Selsela temple
-Sail to Kom Ombo & overnight (Approx. 6 hrs. sailing)

DAY 04

-Visit the temple shared by the two gods
-Back on board –sail to Daraw (Approx. 2 hrs. sailing)
-Visit el souk
-Sail to El Kobaneya & overnight (Approx. 4 hrs. sailing)

DAY 05

-breakfast while sailing to Aswan (Approx. 3 hrs. sailing)

DAY 06

-(Disembarkation for the 5 nights cruise)
-Optional for the 7 nights cruise (against charge)
-(Abu Simple excursion or Philae temple)
-Lunch while sailing directly to El Menaha island. (Approx. 8 hrs. sailing)
-Barbeque dinner and overnight at El Menaha island

DAY 07

-Early sail to Besaw island (Approx. 8 hrs. sailing)
-Continue sailing to El Fuza island and overnight.(Approx. 5 hrs. sailing)

DAY 08

-Early sail to Luxor via Esna
-Breakfast while sailing
-Check-out upon arrival

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