The Nubian Village in Aswan

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The Nubian Village in Aswan

During a long diverse history, Egypt has witnessed the rise and the decline of many various civilizations. Among the most powerful and impactful among them is of course the Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt. However, some dynasties and communities managed to flourish in other places in Egypt. Nubia is a great example of this concept.

The Nubian community consists of a group of people who resided in the area in Southern Egypt and in the North of Sudan. They were popular for their habits and traditions that they succeeded to maintain throughout history. This is in addition to their beautiful houses and wonderfully colored walls. Nubians also have a language of their own that is spoken but there were no attempts ever of recording or writing it.

There are many theories about the meaning of the word Nubia. Some scholars believe that the world Nubia was derived from the word “Nub” or gold in the ancient Egyptian language. The reason behind that name is that this area in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan was famous for the presence of many gold mimes there.

In different periods, the Nubians mingled with the Egyptian community and became part of the Egyptian people. However, some certain Nubian communities decided to preserve their traditional habits and lived in villages around Aswan and other places in Northern Sudan.

Many tourists who visit Egypt are interested to explore the Nubian culture and heritage. This is why many tour companies offer visits to a Nubian Village where travelers would get the chance to live with the Nubians for half a day for example.

Featured with their blue and brown colored homes, the guests would have a great opportunity to explore an authentic Nubian village and enjoy some times with the Nubians understanding their unique habits and traditions.

Many of the inhabitants of the Nubian villages that welcome tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt, enjoy having tourists, to the extent that many of them turned their houses into cafes and shops. They offer wonderful gifts and souvenirs that are only found in Nubia.

A house in Nubia would commonly consist of a wide backyard, many chambers and rooms, with a decorated dome on the top of the house. They differ in size and layout according to the number of the family members and the usage of various spaces.

Guests visiting the Nubian Village would enjoy the charm and the relaxation of the feeling to live in a magnificent village situated on the banks of the River Nile.

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